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Business Philosophy

Cozy Cuisine is the culmination of my philosophy on cuisine.  High quality food should be enjoyed with good company in a comfy place.  I didn’t want to compromise on ingredient quality or method, but really wanted to create products that were both easily enjoyed and convenient.  This philosophy comes from my Italian family gathering and enjoying good food together.  I remember my interest in cooking started because only those who were cooking or doing dishes could be in the kitchen.  I remember as child loving the warm energy that came from the kitchen. That’s where all the fun was happening.  During the Covid pandemic, I took a break from culinary school and starting preparing meals for local families.  Once restaurants reopened I thought the demand would go down. When that didn’t happen, I realized that while most people enjoy good food, they either don’t have the time or desire to go out to eat after a long day.  After my realization, I started working on recipes that would freeze well and be easily prepared, while not diminishing the quality or freshness of the dish.   After a couple of years testing recipes from my own home, I decided to open Cozy Cuisine and start offering meals to everyone.  It was important to me to maintain quality and make the meals affordable.  My husband who has a master’s degree in accounting helped to pinpoint areas other than ingredient quality that would make the meals more affordable.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality sharable meals prepared, delivered, and designed to be enjoyed when you want them, where you want to eat them.  Preparing the highest possible quality meals while still keeping them affordable is integral to our food philosophy.  Remember good food brings people together.

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